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    Marketers, it’s time to turn up the volume

    Five years ago, it was predicted that all digital video would need to be produced with the intention that it would be viewed with no sound. (1) So how did we get to a place where the relevance of audio is once again at new heights? Where ABBA is experiencing a resurgence and goofy audio clips…

    Do We Hug? Meeting Coworkers IRL After a Year Remote

    I was one of the people who started a new job during lockdown (here at Spawn). I was trained and met my new Alaskan coworkers through a series of Zoom meetings, and got to know their sense of humor and quirks through virtual happy hours and coffee dates, all from the comfort of my kitchen-turned-office in…
    Top 5 Trends Creative_mental Health

    Is the Social Media / Mental Health Debacle a Moot Point?

    If you scroll beyond the dance videos and Vine-like sketches on TikTok, you’ll probably come across some content that goes deeper. The algorithm is so good it might even hurt you where it hurts. It could be a therapist stirring tea while she gives advice for insomnia or a spiritual guru practicing reiki healing through the…

    The Emergence of a ‘Phygital’ Shopping Journey

    Brick and mortar retail stores and malls were once the places where you would browse, explore and shop. You then went online to quickly look up some additional details, maybe find a color you didn’t see in store, and make a quick purchase. You spent time in the physical store, while your online journey was purpose-driven…